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If your home or business needs an electrical upgrade, Nair Electric Corp is on the job! We specialize in a variety of electric repair and installation services, including complete electrical upgrades.

Your home or business may have been built several decades ago, which means it’s not suited to handle the demand of your current electric needs. Let our professional electricians increase your power by calling (718) 323-1408 today.

How to Understand If Your Home Needs an Electric Upgrade

1. Lights that flicker when major appliances are turned on

2. Frequently blown circuit breakers and fuses

3. Electric panel overheating

4. You only have 2-pronged outlets

5. If you’ve recently purchased multiple modern appliances

6. Using lots of power strips and extension cords

Nair Electric Corp
Nair Electric Corp

What is an Electrical Upgrade, and Is it Right for Me?

A complete electrical upgrade includes increasing your property's power output to run all your appliances and other electrical systems efficiently. We replace your entire electric panel and its components and, in some cases, may need to relocate the panel.

If your home or business was built more than 20 years ago and you experience any of the symptoms above, it may be time to upgrade your electric panel.

Call Nair Electric Corp today at (718) 323-1408 for a free estimate.